My name is Andreas Bergström and the first few years of my life I lived in Landskrona, Sweden. Eventually I ended up in Småland where I have lived on and off, first in Ljungby and now in a little village called Ryssby. I have a background in mathematics and physics, but eventually I started to write and learn photography. At that time it was all about a search for dialogue, contact and a longing to understand myself and the world, but in time the creative process became a way of life, of finding meaning and of sharing my world with others. 
I have written a lot, unfortunately it is presently all in Swedish. I am working on translating the pieces of text associated with my images that can be found under bilder – tankar (images – thoughts), and if you are proficient in English I would be very interested in a collaboration (see drafts below). bilder – tankar is all about the dialogue between and within text and image; I call them two-dimensional imprints and my hope is that they will come to life and gain a third dimension when the viewer experiences them. I have shown these works on several occasions in Sweden. A visitor once conveyed that the exhibition room had a meditative feeling. And I felt yes, that is exactly one of my driving forces – to offer the viewer an opportunity to a few meditative moments.
I would be very happy to hear from you, just drop me an email.
Some exhibitions:
2011, Orust (Nösund), 1 - 5 juli
2012, Ryssby, 21 - 22 december
2013 - 2015, participation in Konstnärsrundan i Ljungby
2013 -2014, participation in Smålands Gröna Hjärtas Konst- och Hantverksrunda
2015, Växjö (Galleri Petersson & Persson), 14 mars - 4 april
2015, Linköping (Idingstad Säteri), 24 maj - 9 augusti
2016, Ljungby (Utställningshallen Ljungby bibliotek), 4 juni - 27 augusti
2016, Ryssby, lillagatan 4, 2 juli